Combining Quantitative Experimental Data with Web Probing: The Case of Individual Solutions for the Division of Labor Between Both Genders

Michael Braun, Katharina Meitinger, Dorothée Behr


In 2012, a new question was introduced into the International Social Survey Program (ISSP). It asks respondents to indicate what they consider the best division of labor between men and women. In this paper, we propose to assess the validity and cross-national comparability of this new ISSP question, using a mixed-methods approach that combines quantitative experimental data with qualitative probing data. We implemented our experiment in non-probability online surveys in five countries, in which half of the respondents received the original ISSP question and the other half a variant with an additional category saying “Each family should find the solution which works best for them.” In addition, the understanding of “individual solutions” was probed. We report on the understanding of this category.


Web probing, cross-cultural research, mixed methods, gender roles, ISSP

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