Call for Papers: Call for organizing a special issue in the journal methods, data, analyses

mda is currently looking to organize a special issue.

Any topics related to the journal’s focus are welcome, i.e. topics related to survey methodology but also analyses techniques, and new data types such as passive data.

Recent special issues dealt with the following topics:

* Social Desirability Bias in Surveys - Collecting and Analyzing Sensitive Data (Guest Editors: Ben Jann, Ivar Krumpal and Felix Wolter)

*Comparative Survey Analysis - Models, Techniques, and Applications (Guest Editors: Bart Meuleman, Eldad Davidov and Daniel Seddig)

*Comparative Survey Analysis: Comparability and Equivalence of Measures (Guest Editors: Bart Meuleman, Eldad Davidov and Daniel Seddig)

*Data Collection in Panel Surveys (Guest Editors: Josef Brüderl and Mark Trappmann)

Submission process

Researchers interested in proposing a special issue should submit the following documents by email to by September 16, 2019, preferably as a MS Word document or PDF.

-          Draft “call for papers”: Authors are invited to submit a draft of the call for papers they would use if their special issue proposal is selected.

-          Information about who would be the guest editors: Names, affiliations, and email addresses of the guest editors, and previous experience in editing or other relevant activities related to being guest editors

The documents will be reviewed by the mda editorial board and by October, 18, 2019, the researchers will be informed whether or not their special issue proposal has been selected.

The selected guest editors are responsible for the call for papers for the special issue and the assessment of the submissions for their general suitability. Then the papers have to be double-blindly reviewed by at least two reviewers. These reviewers are selected by the guest editors. The decision on publication is made by the guest editors based on the reviews. The guest editors are supported by the editorial software Open Journal System and the Managing Editor of mda.


September, 16, 2019: Submission of the draft “call for papers” and information about the guests editors.

October, 18, 2019: Decision about the topic selected for the special issue.

November, 2019: Publication of the call for the special issue.

July, 2020: Deadline for submission of papers for the special issue

Summer and autumn 2020: Revisions and Layout

January 2021: Publication of the special issue

Queries about this special issue can be sent to