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In order to be able to analyse usage and impact of our journal and the published articles, this website uses etracker technology (

The collected data is only used for evaluation purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID and can be used to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor’s local browser cache. Using such cookies it is possible to recognize the visitor’s browser. The data collected via etracker technology will not be used to determine the personal identity of the website visitor or compiled with personal data pertaining to the user of the pseudonym unless agreed to separately by the person concerned.

If you wish you can opt-out of the data collection process. By clicking the opt-out button, you can actively decide against participating in the statistical analysis. When clicking the opt-out button a cookie is being created on your system to store your decision. If the privacy settings of your browser lead to cookies being automatically deleted you will have to opt-out again the next time you access this journal. The cookie is only valid for one browser. If you use a different browser, you will have to opt out again. No individual information is stored within this cookie.

Please bear in mind that general server logs are not affected by your decision to opt-out of the detailed evaluation process. Please refer to our general privacy statement.